Please print this organizer to assist in gathering information for your tax return.  This organizer is quite comprehensive and so all information may not apply to you but the more that is provided the more accurate your tax return will be.  If you have organized your tax information using some other format, please use this organizer as an aid to your memory.  If something does not apply, please put N/A or draw a line through the section.  Please scan the completed organizer along with your W2s 1099s and other pertinent documents.  Send everything using the secure portal on this website www.rhondalittle.com.  If a copy of your last year’s tax return is available, please provide a copy.  We will acknowledge your file soon as we receive it and provide further instructions if necessary.  Along with the organizer is a foreign income questionnaire, which will help in providing information to file a tax return for expatriates.        REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT

Tax Preparation Worksheet

New Client

Foreign Income Questionnaire

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